We are proud supporters of The Bay Journal, a nonprofit news organization delivering exceptional coverage of environmental issues in the Chesapeake Bay region.  Our support helps their efforts to report about the environmental issues affecting both the Chesapeake Bay and its 64,000-square-mile watershed.

Every year, VIMS has a Marine Science Day.  For the first time in 2020, it was virtual and it reached an even larger audience.  Check their website for more information and updates for the 2021 date.

Every year, we host a Valentine's Day special, and for 2020, due to our overwhelming customer support, we were able to donate $1,000 to the Animal Aid Society in March 2020.  We look forward to continuing this tradition.


For more information, visit  https://www.animalaidsociety.org
80 Butler Farm Road, Hampton, VA  23666

(757) 865-0511

We are proud supporters of the Peninsula Pilots.  Catch a game at War Memorial Stadium in Hampton and look for our banner in the outfield.

We are proud supporters of the CNU Theatre Guild.  Rick, both of Libby's daughters, and her son-in-law Justin Reidelbach, are all CNU graduates!

We are proud supporters of the Warwick Little League.  Come in on Mondays and tell your server that you are a supporter of the WLL and 10% of your check will be given back to benefit the WLL organization.