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Sometimes Libby makes Hummingbird Cake (an old Southern Living favorite), Pig-Picking Cake (a recipe from a college roommate), Cynthia's Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting (a request from a very hard-working Riverside Health Systems employee), Chocolate Cake with Chocolate frosting, Guinness Stout Chocolate Cheesecake, Father Carducci's Cheesecake (a recipe from Linda Rhein's father). and others.  If you want to make sure to get one of these when they are in the dessert case, you can ask Libby to call you when she makes it.


Carrot Cake                      $4.95/slice
You can say you are eating your vegetables with Libby's version - lots of carrots, along with pineapple and pecans, with a  cream cheese and pecan frosting

Coconut Cake                   $4.95/slice
Moist 3-layered cake with a light, whipped frosting

Key Lime Pie                      $3.95/slice
This recipe is from the former owner,

Kippe O'Neil, and is a customer favorite

Libby makes a variety of pound cakes, hummingbird cake, apple cake, coconut custard pie, mixed berry cobbler, chocolate fudge pecan pie, lemon chess pie and others.

Libby's Homemade Desserts

Hot Fudge Brownie        $3.95/piece
Brownie served warm with hot fudge and whipped cream; add ice cream for $1.99

Butter Bars                        $3.99/bar
Cookie-like crust with cream cheese filling... a recipe from Libby's Aunt Cynthia who lived in Rosie, Arkansas

Coconut Custard Pie       $3.95/slice

Just a few ingredients like eggs, milk and coconut result in an old-time pie

Selection varies depending on when Libby is baking...

below are some of our "regulars."